16 Mind-blowing CNC BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, make you want to feel that BBQ heat. Discover some incredible bespoke BBQ designs, custom utensils and accessories alongside outdoor kitchen appliances to raise the temperature in your garden this summer.

Since the turn of the pandemic in 2020, us Brits having BBQs has increased significantly, rising from 135 million to 190 million in just 12 months! And with our renewed enthusiasm for outdoor cooking at home, no doubt the desire to design our perfect BBQ space comes to life.

So, what better method to create your ideal outdoor cooking space and equipment than the power of CNC capabilities? Today we discuss various CNC BBQ designs alongside outdoor kitchen accessories and appliances to inspire your ideal outside eating area.


The overriding benefit of CNC is that you can implement any design for various purposes. In other words, you’re limited only by your imagination. And while most people will associate CNC with woodwork, CNC design and cutting are also possible on a wide range of other materials, including metals, making it ideal for barbecue grills, firepits and other equipment.

Here is a list of possible CNC BBQ ideas for some inspiration:

  1. Classic Charcoal CNC BBQ

Let’s start with a classic and basic design with a CNC BBQ built for charcoal grilling. Charcoal remains the most popular form of BBQ cooking in the UK, with 57% opting for the traditional method over gas.

Design your charcoal CNC BBQ to fit perfectly in your outdoor eating area, with separate shelves to grill specific components like vegetables, fish, and cheese on either side of your main drum.

  1. Custom CNC BBQ fire pit

One ingenious BBQ idea is to utilise a CNC fire pit design with grill shelves connected to a vertical pole or frame above the fire pit.

Multiple shelves can be placed horizontally across a steel pole to cook your food, or you can extend a square frame from above and hang various grills or pots above the fire.

Plus, with CAD software capabilities, before manufacturing your custom CNC BBQ fire pit, you can add attractive design features to the pole, frame, or fire pit itself for some extra aesthetic value while cooking outside in complete convenience.

  1. Woodfired CNC BBQ tabletop

Whose incredible idea was it to combine a woodfired CNC BBQ with an outside table?

Preferably a hexagon or octagon shape, with each side being a place to sit, the centre of the table will house your fire beneath an elevated grill. Single grills can be built into the outer centre, allowing each person to cook the food they want, how they want it.

This genius CNC BBQ table design will make a real spectacle for your cooking and is the “must-have” summer addition for outdoor dining.

  1. CNC Gas BBQ

If you prefer meat cooked with gas over charcoal, how about creating a bespoke CNC gas BBQ?

Gas won’t produce as much mess as charcoal and emits fewer air pollutants for a more sustainable and cleaner outside cooking experience.

However, your design and fabrication will require more craftsmanship and planning due to the gas fitting required and safety measures.

  1. Upcycled CNC BBQ

There are many options for upcycled CNC BBQs, such as empty gas canisters, oil drums and even steel draws and toolboxes. Upcycling can help you do your bit for the environment. And in making an upcycled CNC BBQ, you hopefully have something that stands the test of time while built from reusable materials.


With our bespoke CNC BBQ design in place, we just need the tools and accessories to seal the deal. But at reaching a global market value of $915 million in 2022, this might not just appeal to personal use only. CNC BBQ accessories may also interest anyone looking to sell BBQ accessories this summer. Either way, here’s a list of BBQ accessories that can all be fabricated from a CNC machine and a sprinkle of imagination:

  1. Chopping board

What tends to be a flat board offers a blank canvas and creative opportunity for outdoor chefs. When uploading your CAD design, you can spruce up your cutting board with subtle indentation details or other design features. And while most chopping boards are wooden, we recommend a hardwood variation or even experimenting with types of plastics.

  1. BBQ utensils

CNC machines can create all forms of BBQ utensils customised to your requirements. From spatulas to tongs and forks, personalise your BBQ tools with unique designs ideal for handling a hot grill on a warm sunny day.

  1. Wooden salad bowls and serving utensils

Summer BBQs are not just about the meat, you know. With CNC capabilities, design and fabricate matching wooden salad bowls and serving utensils to lighten up that deliciously rich meaty plate of food with some healthy salad and tasty dressing. Depending on the size of your party, you can create a set and a big enough bowl to ensure there’s enough salad for everyone.

  1. Coasters

Finally, we need a suitable place to put our ice-cold beverages. And we wouldn’t want to leave condensation watermarks on our outside tables! CNC can make a range of coasters with indentation designs and multiple materials surfaces, including resin. Why not even personalise each coaster for a particular person?

It’s a nice touch, plus an extra incentive to use it!


Along with BBQs and accessories, CNC can manufacture outdoor kitchen equipment and appliances.

Here is a list of just what’s possible with CNC engineering:

  1. Timber-cladding garden bar
  2. Patio furniture
  3. Fire pit
  4. Free-standing worktop and sink
  5. Pizza oven
  6. Weather-proof pantry

Frankly, there’s no end to what you can create in an outdoor kitchen space with CNC manufacturing by your side.

If you can envision it and translate it into CAD software, barring you having the right materials and capacity for craft and construction, a CNC machine can take care of the rest.


At Midlands CNC, we design, develop, and deliver high-quality CNC-crafted items for numerous projects and products. We love bringing our client ideas to life with expert CNC cutting services using the finest milling and routing machines available. From material sourcing, design, fabrication, build, shipping, and logistics, we got you covered.

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