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The 7 Best CNC Wood Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

From the practical to the audacious, discover creative CNC cutting designs you wouldn’t believe were possible. Prepare to feel inspired with wooden furniture, 3D models and wall art displays.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) has created a new wave of craftsmanship across the UK. From furniture to campervan interiors, CNC wood design enables customisation, versatility, and ease of precision for carpentry, like never before.

CNC design vs DIY: which is best for your project?

Whether you need a new sign created for your business or fancy a new bespoke TV stand, is CNC design worth the hassle? Or is DIY the answer?

In this piece, we share the pros and cons of CNC design and DIY to help you come to a conclusion.

Miniature Aeroplane Design & Build

At Midlands CNC we always enjoy taking on bespoke jobs that let the creative juices flow. We were approached by a client who wanted to create a miniature aeroplane as a Christmas present for his son, so we jumped at the chance.

The brief was to create an aeroplane that could be easily built and taken down; the client required a basic sanded/wood finish so that they could paint and varnish the aeroplane during assembly.


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