The 5 Essential Elements of a Perfect CNC kitchen

Looking for a new kitchen design on a tight budget? Utilise CNC machining capabilities to create the kitchen of your dreams for significantly less cost.

Whether you own a CNC (Computerised numerical control) machine or wish to hire specialist a specialist, creating your dream kitchen has never been more satisfying or cost-effective. And seeing as the average price for a new kitchen in the UK is £10,550, you can save a pretty penny by tapping into the rich possibilities of CNC machining.

To give you a flavour, we’ve included the five key elements required to design and build your perfect CNC kitchen.

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1. CNC Plywood Kitchen

A kitchen should be considered the heart of the home. In an average week, we’ll spend over seven and a half hours in our kitchen making meals, cleaning, and socialising. It’s where we host our friends and family for dinner parties or catch up over a cup of tea or coffee.

Therefore, your new CNC kitchen design requires a strong foundation, which is why plywood is an excellent option. Stronger than MDF, plywood compacts multiple wood layers in glue within a laminated condition. While multiple plywood materials offer different aesthetics and quality, birch plywood is a popular choice amongst kitchen owners due to its overall strength and quality finish.

Birch Plywood Kitchen
Thanks to its void-free, consistent, and stable cabinet-grade nature, birch plywood is an ideal option for your CNC kitchen cabinets. So, whether you seek a shiny finish or an authentic, “untouched” look, birch plywood is a reliable and attractive material to build your CNC kitchen.

2. CNC Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets play a crucial role in the aesthetic and practicality of your CNC kitchen. The first thing to consider with your cabinets is the construction.

A traditional design with a frame is attached to the front of the cabinet to provide additional strength.

What’s seen in more contemporary-style kitchens without a frame attached to the front, frameless cabinets provide more storage space and a modern look. With multiple kitchen cabinet styles and designs available, typically, you can choose from three main types of kitchen cabinetry:

Partial Overlay
Firstly, also known as “standard” or “traditional” overlay, partial overlay includes a door covering the cabinet face frame and is regularly seen across traditional-style kitchen designs.

Full Overlay
For a modern look, compared to partial overlay, full overlay consists of the doors and drawer fronts completely covering the cabinet face. Full overlay cabinet design costs more than partial overlay as it requires more material for CNC manufacturing. However, without vertical face frame stiles between the doors, you will gain more storage for practicality and convenience.

Inset Cabinetry
Unlike partial and full overlay, inset cabinetry has both the doors and drawers sitting flush inside the cabinet frame openings. Due to the impressive flush finish, inset cabinetry requires additional craftsmanship. We recommend inset cabinetry for your CNC kitchen if you seek an elegant and traditional style for the overall design.

3. CNC Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands (or breakfast bars) are a staple in any modern kitchen. They provide a social hub within the kitchen space, with additional seating and practical storage. They also give you more counter space and are typically higher than the other kitchen counters to add a vocal point and additional dynamic to the overall design and aesthetic.

We recommend you design your island in line with your kitchen cabinets and allow for additional storage for those accumulated appliances you will undoubtedly obtain over the years.

4. CNC Kitchen Doors

After deciding on the overall style and design of your CNC kitchen cabinets, we can now begin to create the doors for the kitchen. Most kitchen doors will display a consistent design for a cohesive balance within the kitchen appearance. From shutter to square engraving and glass panels, CNC kitchen cabinet doors can come in multiple designs. It’s this element of your kitchen design where CNC machining can display its capabilities for immaculate display.

Compared to human labour, the design intricacy is far superior in terms of precision and speed. By using CNC software, you can craft any idea onto the face of your kitchen doors. From minimalist to complex, as the face for your kitchen, explore your creativity and produce something wonderful.

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5. CNC Kitchen Threaded Inserts

With almost every element ready for your CNC kitchen design, the next stage is choosing the correct bonding and fastening for your cabinets, doors and overall structure.

Rather than weld nuts, self-tapping screws or tapped holes, threaded inserts provide a stronger bond for your CNC kitchen. Due to speedy construction and structural strength, threaded inserts have become the “go-to” fastener option in modern furniture manufacturing with automation in mind.

Choose from rivet nut, Eurostyle or slotted body threaded inserts for ultimate strength and speed when constructing your CNC kitchen.

Acquire the Help of a Specialist to Design and Construct Your Ideal CNC Kitchen

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen and looking to keep costs low, then a bespoke CNC design can accommodate your vision with your budget.

At Midlands CNC, we can design, construct, and supply your ideal CNC kitchen with a 100% promise of quality. We pride ourselves on going beyond basic manufacturing by providing creative knowledge and a wealth of CNC experience to push the boundaries of what you thought possible for your new kitchen.

Get in touch to discuss your CNC kitchen design plans, and we’ll endeavour to turn your vision into reality.



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