9 Unimaginable Things We Can Do With Bespoke CNC Machining

Bespoke CNC machining makes the most intricate and unique designs possible. Discover why CNC is the ideal solution for creating custom items.

Beyond your basic 3D models and furniture, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) can create the most outlandish, bespoke designs imaginable. If you can envision it, we have the skills and machinery to design, build and deliver your bespoke CNC ideas, from the blueprint to physical structure. To inspire your next project, here are nine innovative ideas made possible with bespoke CNC machining and a trusted expert on-hand.

What Can You Do With Bespoke CNC Machining?

No design is too complex or intricate for CNC machining. Experienced CNC operators have taken projects to the next level by creating items that can be uniquely personalised and practical. By generating prototypes from digital software files, CNC applies computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) or computer-aided design (CAD) to direct the cutting of materials through operated machine tools such as a lathe, mill or router.

In theory, whatever you can digitally design as a prototype and translate it to the CAM or CAD can be created with complex CNC machining capabilities. With bespoke CNC machining, no other design or construction method can produce custom items conveniently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

9 Bespoke and Complex CNC Project Ideas

Here is a list of bespoke CNC items ranging from personal pieces to complex creations our team have created for our clients over the years:


When it comes to bespoke CNC machining, it’s not the size that matters. Check out this classic pocket comb with complex engraving. Despite easy structural manufacturing for our CNC machine, look at the complexity of the branded stag engraving in the centre.

This comb is an ideal gift to someone who takes good care of the hair or even for pet grooming. As a comb, it’s not so much “bespoke” in its complexity, but more a nod to the unique sentiment it can bring as a personalised gift.

Bespoke CNC machining - midlands cnc

Intricate Panel Decoration

From bed headboards to bath panels, wall tiles and fence decorations, CNC machining can create the most beautifully intricate design patterns imaginable. The elegant arrangement (pictured) on this panel archway is just one example of the sophisticated potential CNC design and assembly can produce.

Utilise wood or metal to enhance your home décor and create attractive patterned fences, doors, screens, and gates of all design shapes and sizes.

Bespoke CNC machining - midlands cnc

Custom CNC Signs

It’s not just wood that can be cut and shaped into perfection. CNC machining also works with metal and plastic, such as this brand design (pictured) we created for Pegasus Skip Hire. By simply incorporating the brand logo, name and contact details before bleaching the steel black, we’ve created a bespoke company sign that’s bound to bring in some business.

Bespoke CNC machining - midlands cnc

Custom Office Desk

Depending on your profession, perhaps one of the most crucial bespoke CNC machining investments you can make would be a custom desk for the office or at home. This desk design (pictured) was requested to be created with simplicity and flexibility. The client wanted a desk that could quickly transform into a standing position and be stored away quickly and conveniently.

However, a bespoke office desk can be as complex as necessary, with additional drawers, shelves, and multiple-screen functionality. If any CNC project should uphold custom qualities, it should be the thing you rely on each day to do your best work.

CNC office furniture - MidlandsCNC

Bespoke Toys

What greater gift to give a child than a unique toy crafted especially for them? As with any CNC project, let your imagination run wild and simply vision what’s the best gift you can give to the child in mind. From train sets and jigsaw puzzles to 3D models and figurines, CNC machining can create practical and complex toy ideas with sustainably sourced materials. So instead of opting for mass-produced plastic toys, create something personal to the child, with a sentimental value they can adore forever.

Bespoke CNC machining - midlands cnc

3D Portraits

A picture can come alive with additional layers, structure, and texture. Whether for personal or commercial display, 3D portraits catch the eye and contain more impact than your typical framed painting or photograph.

Not only for visual effects but a CNC 3D portrait can contain word engravings to tell a story as unique as the portrait itself. So, for truly bespoke artistic design, consider a CNC 3D portrait for your next creative CNC project.

Phone Accessories

With the latest reports showing people in the UK spend one-third of their waking time on their phones, how about we create some bespoke CNC machining items to suit smartphone applications?

  1. Bespoke Phone Cases
    The first idea combines durability with design in the form of a practical and personal phone case. With CNC machining and precise cutting capabilities, you can create the perfect phone case for any phone spec, including multiple ports, jacks, speakers, and camera capabilities.
  2. Custom Phone Stand
    Whether it’s to accommodate video calls or to offer extra convenience and comfort when watching something, a phone stand is a simple yet worthwhile CNC item to create. Bespoke CNC phone stands can be made lightweight to fit discreetly in your bag or pocket or contain extravagant designs. Whatever you decide, utilise the practical convenience of a custom CNC phone stand as you watch while cooking in your kitchen or pamper in your bathroom.
  3. Phone Amplifiers
    Last but not least, don’t forget the speaker amplifier. While working as a phone stand, the CNC structure can be hollowed to incorporate a speaker amplifier beneath. So, instead of hooking your phone up to a speaker, enjoy an eco-friendly version which doesn’t require electricity or a Bluetooth connection. Speak to a Specialist for Any Complex CNC Machining

If you’re looking for complex CNC machining solutions, perhaps you should speak to an industry specialist. At Midlands CNC, we have a wealth of experience across design, production, assembly, and edgebanding. Whether you need a hand creating the perfect gift for a loved one or need something off the menu, we’re here to help. Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke CNC machining services.



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