The 7 Best CNC Wood Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

From the practical to the audacious, discover creative CNC wood designs you wouldn’t believe were possible. Prepare to feel inspired with wooden furniture, 3D models and wall art displays.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) has created a new wave of craftsmanship across the UK. From furniture to campervan interiors, CNC wood design enables customisation, versatility, and ease of precision for carpentry, like never before.

A 2021 survey showed a sharp rise in the number of UK residents working with CNC, a large proportion finding the hobby only within the last two years. But it’s not just for the fun of craft. Of those surveyed, an impressive 61% claimed to make a profit from CNC creations.

The highest earning items being:
– Ornaments – 31%
– Tools – 16%
– Instruments – 13%

With this in mind, we’ve assembled the seven best CNC wood cutting designs produced by Midlands CNC to help inspire your next CNC project.

What Is CNC Design?
CNC design stands for “computer numerical control” and requires a computer to convert design concepts via computer-aided software (CAD). CNC design works through a method of subtractive fabrication. This process removes unwanted material during production to create the exact design.

By programming numbers as coordinates on a graph, the computer directs the cutter to move automatically and cut precisely into the workpiece. The CAD code deciphers everything from the layout to the cutting speed and RPM (revolutions per minute).

A CNC machine can produce almost anything imaginable. It just takes a bit of planning, experience and a brilliant idea. Here are a few of our latest designs to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Home Office Desk
In many ways, the rise of CNC machining as a hobby has “lockdown” to thank, and the same can be said for homeworking. This CNC wood design solution brings the two together with a simple and smart home office desk.

Practical and stylish, the desk is adjustable to accommodate a “standing desk”, while it’s lightweight and easily stored away out of sight if necessary. This design can also double up as a television stand or shelving unit. Talk about versatility.

Bespoke Home Office Desk - MidlandsCNC

2. Wall Art
This elegant and symmetrical wall art piece is just one example of the intricate and beautiful patterns a CNC wood cutting machine can create. After cutting the design, decide if you want to decorate or paint the wall art before applying a lasting finish with a varnish or smooth surfacing.

Alternatively, you can layer your CNC wood cutting designs to display deeper details and a more immersive texture.

Wall Art - MidlandsCNC

3. Epoxy Tabletop
This divine ‘Epox’ tabletop has been cut to precision to enable the midnight blue epoxy resin layer to be poured. The result? A wonderfully authentic design. CNC wood designs don’t just come as small, additional pieces. Like this table, they can act as statement pieces and be practical.

Epoxy Tabletop - MidlandsCNC

4. Engraving
From the complex to the simplistic, this clean engraved wall plaque proves that sometimes less is more. As a central feature above a fireplace, simple engravings like this can powerfully portray the values of a home, hanging elegantly in a pivotal spot for all to see.

Maybe there is a simple saying or family motto that perfectly emphasises the atmosphere of your home. Why not bring it to life with this beautiful CNC wood engraving design.

5. Giant Train Tracks/Puzzle Pieces
Wooden train sets and giant puzzles are still popular gifts for children and adults. Rather than contribute to plastic production with a toy from a shop, make them something truly unique instead. Puzzles, models or train track sets are distinctively unique and will leave a positive lasting impression.

CNC wood design - midlandsCNC

6. 3D Signs
A classic 3D CNC wood design like this can add some life to the aesthetic of a specific space. Whether it’s a home bar or a games room, hanging a clear-cut sign above the door will give your guests the right idea of what to expect when they enter that space.

Signs like these are practical and stylish, adding that additional detail and “wow” factor to the interior, whether it’s at home or work. So, have some fun with your CNC 3D wood sign designs, letting everyone know where they are and what to expect.

CNC wood design - midlandsCNC

7. 3D Picture Display
Why not go a stage further and create a framed CNC 3D picture display design. When it comes to CNC wood designs, our imaginations can run wild. So, push your creativity to its limits and combine an enhanced wooden wall frame embellished with 3D models and mini sculptures for a profoundly distinct CNC creation.

A wall feature of this magnitude casts a striking impression in any room.

CNC wood design - midlandsCNC

Need Any Help with Your CNC Wood Design?
If you need any advice with your CNC wood design projects or have a design in mind but not a CNC machine to create it, then get in touch with us at Midlands CNC. We have the skills, expertise and technology to bring your vision to life.

Our CNC expertise can aid your wood design every step of the way, from initial design to planning and precision cutting. However ambitious and creative your intentions might be, our CNC knowledge and craftsmanship can make any wood design possible.

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