5 Inspirational Campervan Interior Design Ideas Using Wood

The perfect campervan wooden interior requires expert design, cutting, and fitting experience. Discover how a wood CNC machine can make your campervan interior design dreams come true. 

It’s the dream of many to own their own camper and travel the world. Whether it’s renovating a campervan or purchasing an established motorhome, the campervan industry has continued to break records since 2020.

In fact, between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2021, a total of 16,608 new motorhomes were registered with the DVLA – an 8.25% increase on the previous year.

But for all the popularity, if you’re going to live in a camper for extended periods, the interior must provide comfort, maximum storage and liveable space. A big challenge even for the most exceptional interior designers.

However, with current cutting technology and businesses dedicated to finishing campervan interiors, you can turn your campervan refurbishment dreams into a reality.

Why Choose Campervan Wood Interior?

Wood is the ideal material to work with for your campervan interior design. The versatile material is available in many different types and offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Quick cooling and heating times
  • Sound absorption
  • Atmospheric carbon
  • Long-term sustainability

Another plus of using wood is how any design (within reason) can be applied to a campervan interior, especially when using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

A CNC machine can do any bespoke cutting for simple or complex shapes, with edge banding properties for furniture, worktops, and kitchen units. To give you some inspiration for your project, here’s a list of wooden interior campervan design ideas.

Campervan Wood Interior Ideas

1. Tongue and Groove – www.lovecampers.co.uk/blog/6-wood-finishes-for-your-campervan-conversion/
A tongue and groove style simplifies the installation process while giving your campervan a classy aesthetic. The tongue and groove style also offers consistency when it’s incorporated throughout the work surfaces, furniture and ceiling.

By using the practicality of tongue and groove, it’s easy to add additional storage and even an extra sleeping area above the main space. Blending solid oak with Indian rosewood pine will create a warm ambience. As with all CNC cutting, thicker woods generate a better finish and overall strength.

2. Beach Hut – www.camplify.co.uk/blog/campervan-interior-ideas-uk
Use a faded form of lightwood like light oak to create a beach hut style interior for your camper. A lighter wood can blend with colourful upholstery to create a laidback beach vibe, perfect for coastal surfing tours.

Having a deliberately ‘worn’ finish on the wood sustains the authenticity while keeping costs low without worrying about a perfect polish shine. Plus, plenty of storage within cabinets and beneath benches gives you more space for your essential surfing gear.

3. Ultimate Luxury – www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/425027283585600304/
A neutral pine-clad interior can make space for ultimate luxury. If you choose a van with a wide body, you can fit a kitchen, table, television and even a shower! An elevated bed can be perched with a perfect window view to catch sunsets while leaving masses of storage space beneath.

The pine clads and open windows create a spacious and light atmosphere. In such a nice space, you’d be surprised how long you could stay on the road.

4. Bamboo and Birch Ply – www.lovecampers.co.uk/blog/6-wood-finishes-for-your-campervan-conversion/
It might be the case where you’re happy with the interior walls and ceiling but would like to install some wooden worktops, kitchen, and furniture.

A combination of bamboo and birch ply leaves a neat and clean finish for the work surfaces, cupboard draws and tables.

Both materials can be customised and cut to the perfect design with a CNC machine to either utilise space or create larger surfaces depending on your needs.

5. Light and Dark Wood Surfaces – www.asobolife.com/are-white-walls-good-idea-for-camper-van-interior/
Contrasting light and dark wood surfaces can create a cosy or spacious feel for a campervan interior. White walls create space, while white surfaces and darker walls make the camper feel more homely. Think about how you can potentially use white surfaces for your campervan interior to create space or comfort. White can also make a campervan interior feel lighter, bigger, and more photogenic.

The Next Steps to Creating Your Campervan Interior Masterpiece  

Before getting carried away with your campervan interior ideas, you need a solid plan and design first.This plan requires scoping out exactly what you need from your campervan interior and understanding the best materials and methods that work together.

Remember, space is limited. The bigger the vehicle, the more space you will have inside, but the slower you will travel. However, with the right space and plan in place, the possibilities for your campervan interior design are limitless. Campers have been known to include wood burners, bunk beds and baths.

So, if you require any advice or services to help you make your campervan interior dream a reality, then contact us  at Midlands CNC services. We can help you develop the right plan for your perfect campervan interior and use our expert CNC cutting services to bring your vision to life. Combining the precise nature of CNC machinery with our creative knowledge makes anything possible for your campervan interior. Like your travelling dreams, let your campervan interior imagination run wild.

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