7 Mind-Boggling Things You Can Create with CNC Milling Services

Looking for some creative inspiration for your next CNC project? Check out these seven impressive examples created with CNC milling services.

It’s not just manufacturers and their clients who can reap the rewards of CNC milling services. The CNC hobby market also continues to drive innovation and profits for enthusiasts, with 67.5% of those surveyed saying they discovered CNC milling when actively searching for a new hobby. So, whether you’re new to the craft or are a business owner looking to utilise the services of a CNC milling expert, read on to discover the possibilities.

What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a production process that applies an advancing cutting tool to remove material from your chosen workpiece. Depending on the sophistication of the machine, CNC milling can use multi-cutting points with various directions across multiple axes, cutter head speeds and overall pressure.

Through computerised controls, you can create complex and customised shapes with highly accurate precision. Ideal for high-volume production and rapid prototyping, CNC milling also suits one-off projects and can work across multiple material types, including wood, glass, metal, and plastic.

In representing the future of manufacturing, the global CNC machine market was worth 96.4 billion in 2021 and continues to grow at a CAGR of 5.33% (2022-2030).

How Does a CNC Milling Machine Work?

The CNC milling machine applies advanced rotating cutting tools to remove material from your workpiece. As the workpiece is mounted and stable on the table, it moves on different levels, allowing the tool to cut at multiple angles. Moving along multiple axes of the CNC machine, the cutting tool produces holes, slots, and pockets in the material.

The computerised automation of the CNC milling process works with instructions from a CAD file and initial part design. With pre-programmed computer software, CNC milling enables minimal human interference with maximum accuracy.

What is the Difference Between CNC Milling and Turning?

There’s a distinct difference between CNC milling and turning. CNC milling requires the workpiece to remain stable during the cutting process. CNC turning is the opposite, with the cutting tool remaining stable and the material rotating. Typically, CNC milling uses square or rectangular bar stock to produce components, while CNC turning will apply round bar stock.

What Can You Make with a CNC Milling Machine?

CNC milling services offer a versatile production process. Due to the mechanism of movement involved, people usually prefer to create flat surface components. However, CNC milling services also apply to irregular surfaces and shapes.

Here are our seven creative examples taken from the Midlands CNC workshop:

1. 3D Layered Signs
More than your standard 2D stand-alone sign, a 3D layered sign design really stands out and makes an aesthetic impact wherever you position it. We particularly like the horizontal striped cladding surface beneath the bold text and solid frame.

CNC milling services - MidlandsCNC

2. Versatile Indented and Authentic Boards
CNC milling services provide an ideal method for creating indented components. Whether you desire an artisan egg tray in your kitchen or a board to store your bowls for summer games in the garden, CNC milling services provide perfect indented components for all types of purposes.

CNC milling services

3. Picture Frames

Life is about making memories. And what better way to display those memories than with bespoke picture frames around the house? CNC milling services show that not all creations need to be complex. This classic picture frame is a prime example of a simple design with a sophisticated finish.

CNC milling services

4. Precision Drawing

Did you know that CNC milling does more than precise complex cutting? Yes, CNC milling machines can also draw pretty much anything. Whatever design goes through CAD can be generated on paper or canvas. Simply replace the cutting tool with a pen, and away you go!

CNC milling services

5. Hollow Design Wall Art

Like the 3D layered signs, hollowed design is another cool way to display unique art that makes an impression. No matter how intricate or complex your hollowed design visions may be, CNC milling services can create various hollow designs with multiple cutting techniques.

CNC milling services

6. Unique Souvenirs

From grateful gifts to branded mementoes and tokens, CNC milling services keep the creative in keepsakes. Creating unique souvenirs can be a great way for your business to offer valuable and practical gifts that keep giving and install your brand remains in the mind of your customer.

CNC milling services

7. Classy Combs

Sometimes, the smallest sentimental appliances can make the perfect personalised gifts. This classy-looking comb was crafted as a part of our CNC milling services, complete with a classic design and branded engraving.

CNC combe


From pets to personal grooming, this classic comb is just one of the ways CNC milling can produce affectionate gifts for friends and family.

Find Your Local UK CNC Milling Specialist

At Midlands CNC, we offer industry-leading CNC milling services for various projects and preferences. We take pride in applying our state-of-the-art milling machines to create bespoke and creative components, complete with multiple axes that require no manual operation. Our cutting-edge equipment grants you greater flexibility and precision across your cuts and designs with no opportunity for human error.

From vertical to turret and horizontal mills, each CNC milling machine comes with dynamic tools to perform intricate cutting solutions across multiple materials. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our top-quality CNC milling services



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