9 Clever CNC Storage Ideas for Your Home

Saving space and keeping organised makes for clean, stress-free living. Discover ingenious CNC storage solutions for your home with these nine creative concepts.

It might not be the most glamorous aspect to consider when buying or renting a property, but having enough space for your stuff is paramount to neat and tidy living.

However, with 21% of Brits in “desperate” need of storage space and 12% keeping belongings in more than one property, people require the creativity and cleverness of CNC (Computerised-numerical control) storage.

Today, we share how CNC storage solutions can provide space-saving systems for your home alongside impressive ingenuity to wow your guests.

  1. CNC Storage Cabinets

Whether you’re a parent in an expanding family or downsizing for convenience, there’s no such thing as too much storage space! Not only does it save space, but it saves money, with the UK self-storage industry hitting a £1 billion-a-year boom in 2023.

So, our first CNC storage idea to tackle the issue belongs to a classic storage and organisation item with a modern twist. Cue the CNC storage cabinet.

From hidden kitchen hacks to customised bedroom and lounge compartments, CNC storage cabinets offer a safe haven for your items without getting in the way of your feng shui.

The beauty of CNC and CAD (Computer-aided design) technology is that anything is possible. You can design the ideal CNC storage cabinet solution to fit your precise requirements with the only limitation belonging to your imagination.

CNC storage
  1. CNC Hidden TV Storage

Even smart TVs these days don’t come without a few wires and other components that can cause clutter. Remote controls, sound systems, Blu-ray players, and Freeview boxes need somewhere to go, especially when you want to hang your television flush to the wall.

Well, you can design the perfect storage space for your television accessories and conceal it inside the wall with a hidden flap. This way, it keeps your electronics out of the way of curious kids and pets while ensuring you don’t lose yet another remote control!

  1. CNC Built-In Bookcase Chair

What trumps your own special reading chair? A CNC storage system that stores all your favourite books inside of course. That way, when you are ready to take your next tour of fiction or brush up on some theory, you don’t have to get up and scurry through a dusty old bookshelf.

A built-in bookcase chair is an impressive and practical CNC storage solution that can store books beneath where you sit or on the back and around the structure on designated shelves.

  1. CNC Folding Sofa Storage

Just like your built-in bookcase chair, any space beneath where people rest has the potential for storage transformation. And is there a more suitable item of furniture than a sofa?

So, rather than dedicate much of your lounge to just your sofa structure, you can install a pull-out drawer to keep any necessary items like cushions, blankets, or bedding. By implementing your sofa to fold out like a futon, you can also create a bed with stored bedding for guests looking to stay the night.

  1. CNC Staircase Drawers

Now, we’re ramping up the innovation levels. As we all know, storage underneath the stairs tends to be a given, but what about storage within the stairs themselves?

Yes, that’s right. Each stair works as a drawer for storing belongings, especially things you don’t need to use often. Once again, this CNC storage solution provides an excellent space saver while keeping your home tidy and organised.

  1. CNC Storage Bench

A bench beneath a bay window with cushions and padding provides a delightful pew to watch the world go by. However, underneath that bench, you also have an opportunity to store lots of items.

Whether cushions for guests, toys for kids or additional plates, bowls, and glasses for hosting, making the most of the storage capacity inside your home requires identifying the dead space areas and transforming them into discreet storage compartments.

Thankfully, with CNC capabilities, any space within a structure can be measured, cut and decked out with the necessary storage design for your needs.

  1. CNC Storage Wall Racks

Sometimes, you don’t need cabinets or compartments. When storing items that work as decoration, all you need is a wall, some screws and an imagination for CNC storage.

Take your push bikes. If you don’t have a safe, sheltered space outside, rather than leave them cluttering your hallways and corridors, you can devise some suitable bike holders to hang them on the walls, out of the way.

CNC storage racks can also apply to other wall storage solutions, like shelves to store your records above your vinyl player or a space-saving system in your kitchen to hang utensils or place food, spices and other ingredients.

  1. CNC Murphy Desk/Table/Bed

Working from home is only as convenient as the space you work in. But for some people living in shared spaces, you don’t always have the luxury of space in bedrooms or living areas where you can sit at a desk in peace.

In this case, a CNC storage Murphy desk is ideal, as it can hang as a cabinet to store your work stuff, and when you need a desk, you simply unhook it from the wall and fold it down.

The same concept can apply to a kitchen table and even an extra bed! Because wherever you have the space and ingenuity, CNC storage has the solution for your needs.

  1. CNC Tool Storage

Keeping your tools in top condition requires a sturdy and dry storage system. But rather than purchase a pre-made cabinet or rack, CNC can provide your tools with precise compartments that keep them secure and safe within space-efficient areas.

The days of rummaging around for screwdrivers are over. With an organised CNC tool storage system, you have a functional space fit for any shed, workstation, or garage.


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