6 Cute and Practical CNC Pet Projects

How much love do you have for your favourite pets? Discover what you can create with our six practical, stimulating, and creative CNC pet project ideas.

If you’re a pet lover with a passionate pastime for creating CNC projects, this is the blog for you! From building a practical CNC small pet cage to extravagant CNC dog beds and cat towers, we have a whole host of pet-themed CNC projects to inspire your next creative obsession. Prepare to be amazed!


The pet and animal supplies market, including products and toys, is worth over $261 billion! (2023). With increasing numbers of pet owners investing in their pets, more creative CNC project ideas have market potential in an industry on the rise.

Here is a list of six CNC pet projects destined to delight your pet with practical and playful environments.

1. CNC Dog Bed
Dog lovers far and wide know that kennels have become a bit of a thing of the past and that dog beds are now the new standard. And it’s not just dogs. The global pet beds market was valued at $4.25 billion in 2022, with forecasts to reach 8.23 billion by 2030 (CAGR OF 6.4%).

CNC dog beds can come in all shapes and sizes with additional features. Through the power of CAD, high-quality materials, and a CNC machine, you can create a dog bed beyond your canine’s wildest dreams.

A CNC dog bed can include pull-out drawers for storing their favourite chew toys, treats and bowls while adding beneficial storage advantages to avoid doggy clutter that can create accidental trips and hazards around the house.

CNC pet - Baltic birch ply dog bed - By Nathan Huisman From Pinterest

Baltic birch ply dog bed – By Nathan Huisman Source Pinterest

2. CNC Cat Tower
Cats love to climb. So, providing them with a specific CNC cat tower in the home is a great way to keep them stimulated and entertained without them clambering all over your kitchen shelves and living room mantelpieces.

A CNC cat tower can be as large and eccentric as you desire. Provided you have space, you can design a multi-functional climbing tower with innovative features made sustainably from environmentally friendly materials. It can include just one truck with a cosy enclosed bed on top or multiple legs with horizontal baskets and pads attached.

Like your cat’s curiosity to explore and play, the possibilities for your CNC cat tower are boundless.

3. CNC Hamster House
With hamsters needing enclosure within a safe space, allowing them the freedom to roam around the house is simply unplausible. Therefore, rather than reduce them to a small cage, why not give them a home inside your house?

Despite their size, hamsters actually need lots of room. So, a hamster house becomes an advance on the average cage with additional compartments to keep your furry friend entertained, especially at night when they become more active.

As an exciting CNC pet project, your hamster house can be multilayered, with spinning wheels, staircases, bridges and different rooms for interaction or relaxation.

4. CNC Rabbit Hutch
Unlike hamsters who need an enclosure, depending on the breed, most rabbits can roam free in the borders of your garden or home.

We suggest you prioritise comfort with enough space so that when you put them away at night, they’re happy and safe from harm.

The recommended rabbit hutch size is big enough to accommodate “three hops” from one end to the other, which translates to about six feet long, give or take the size of the rabbit you own. Ideally, you’ll want at least two feet high by two feet wide. But obviously, the bigger you can make your rabbit hutch, the better.

Also, it makes sense to elevate your rabbit hutch off the ground or secure the vicinity with protected wire or border to ward off pesky predators.

5. CNC Fish Tank
Fish tanks and aquariums can be both stimulating aquatic environments for your pet fish and attractive aesthetic features of your home. With CNC capabilities, you can design and create a visually appealing tank, undulating with lights while filled with plants and underwater features.

The recommended size for your CNC fish tank should be at least 80 litres of water, but ideally 120 litres. The CNC design can create the outer shell and interior features but will require annealed glass that can withstand the weight of water and is scratch-resistant.

6. CNC Bird Sanctuary
Bird sanctuaries can provide pet bird owners with a safe refuge for their feathered friends to nest and thrive. But before designing your CNC bird sanctuary on CAD, determine the dimensions based on the size and number of birds you hope to keep.

For example, small birds like budgies and parakeets require at least 24cm in 61cm space, while large birds like cockatoos and macaws need 60cm in 150cm. Based on these figures, multiply the dimensions by the number of birds to ensure they have enough space to exercise.


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