11 Must-have CNC Office Accessories

Transform a dull office environment into an incredibly comfortable, practical, and productive space with our list of must-have CNC office accessories.

Seeing as the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, we should probably enhance our office experience with practical and comfortable office accessories, supplies and stationery.

From decorative desk lamps to headphone holders and laptop stands, CNC can create anything deemed worthy of your desk with automated accuracy and CAD precision. Whether WFH or in the office, discover our 11 must-have CNC accessories to help keep you stress-free, focused, and productive throughout your working day.


As you know, we spend enough time at work as it is. So, being without some ultimate accessories to ease our efforts and boost our productivity just seems so tragic.

And with reports revealing how ergonomic workstations can improve productivity by 25%, it’s not just us workers that benefit. All in all, it’s a win-win. So, here are our 11 examples to include in your next office upgrade:

  1. CNC Computer Stand

Sitting behind a screen all day is hard enough without having it at the correct height for your eye line. With most computer screens unadjustable, it can lead to us slouching in our chairs and causing injuries to our backs and necks.

Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows musculoskeletal disorders account for almost 33% of all workplace injuries.

With CNC, you can design the perfect computer stand for your correct ergonomic height. Whether it’s an adjustable screen attached to an adjustable standing desk or a permanent structure, you should enjoy the ideal working conditions by establishing the best position for the thing you focus on most. The correct ergonomic height for a computer screen is for your eye line to be 5-10cm below the top computer screen, with the centre 17-18 degrees below your eye level.

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Desk Monitor Riser – Image credit CraftKittiesFr – Source Etsy

  1. CNC Laptop Stand

Like the CNC computer stand, a laptop stand should be adjusted to your correct ergonomic height when working with a solo screen on your desk. But with 98% of workers preferring dual monitors to single screens, it’s no good having one screen higher than the other when working.

CNC can create clever laptop stands that avoid your machine overheating, with adjustable features to keep it in line with your screen whether working in the office or remotely. Plus, a custom CNC laptop stand will prevent your laptop from scratches or those occasional on-desk spillages.

  1. CNC Tablet Stand

Tablet stands are ideal for setting up virtual calls or watching videos while working on a double-screen workstation. An easily tilted design is easily storable in your desk drawer and can be quickly assembled and displayed when necessary.

Wooden Personalised Tablet Stand – Image Credit – Woodie In The Hoodie – Source Etsy


  1. CNC Phone Stand

On the same principle as a tablet stand, CNC phone stands are handy office accessories for those busy days answering calls. You can spice up your design with creative features or opt for a practical approach with additional components to hang your smartwatch and portable chargers.

  1. CNC Headphone Holder

Those who work in busy, fast-paced office environments appreciate noise-cancelling headphones to help improve focus and concentration, especially in creative industries.

So, instead of having your headphones clatter and bash around on your desk, why not introduce a headphone holder to store them safely throughout the day? From answering calls to listening to your favourite work playlist or podcasts, headphone holders can keep your headphones protected and your desk clear.

  1. CNC Notepad Holder

Taking notes remains a crucial task across all industries. Whether jotting down those vital details while speaking to a client on the phone or recording info from a meeting, having a designated space for these notes on our desk helps us stay organised and avoids losing that all-important information.

  1. CNC Paper Tray

Despite our digital age, there’s still the need for printing. When we have piles of important documents, letters or designs on our desks, it certainly helps to keep things organised with a CNC paper tray. CNC can customise your paper trays for separate sections for different sized paper, such as A3, A4 and C5.

  1. CNC Footrest

While a footrest belongs on the floor below our desk, it can still provide a vital ergonomic contribution to our workstation comfort. In reducing back strain, footrests enable you to change positions behind your desk, shifting your weight while aligning your posture.

CNC can create the ideal structure for your office footrest, reducing discomfort in the knees, ankles, feet and thighs.

  1. CNC Desk Lamp

To help you avoid poor lighting and screen glare that can affect your eyesight, investing in a quality desk lamp can help reduce the contrast of your screen while creating ambience to your office surroundings and adding practical benefits for reading and writing.

CNC capabilities can create incredible desk light designs from beautiful wooden materials for practical or aesthetic purposes.

  1. CNC Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are an effective way of protecting your mouse and desk surface from potential damage. In extending your mouse lifecycle, mouse pads avoid dirt and slipping while making your workstation that bit more comfortable and convenient.

CNC can produce customised mouse pads, perfect for personalised gifts for your co-workers, with room for engravings and other design features.

  1. CNC Keyboard Pad

Like mouse pads, keyboard pads can keep your equipment and tabletops protected. Keyboard pads also avoid slipping if working on a slick surface to stop your typing from sliding.

CNC can create plush wooden keyboard pads that can be uniformed across all accessories, including screen stands and mouse pads.


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