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Lord of the Rings

Engraved shelves

In 2018, we were approached by a customer with a very unique bespoke CNC request. To form an integral part of their games room, they required our CNC design services to create Lord of the Rings wooden shelving.

Using quality wood, the customer wanted us to engrave it with the same Black Speech inscription in Tengwar script found on the famous “one ring to rule them all”. As a starting point, the customer gave us the vectors for the text and dimension preferences.

Before starting the CNC engraving process, our highly-experienced team used its network to source the very best wood material for an elegant, sturdy and robust shelf.

Next, we brought the customer’s concept to life by uploading their vectors to our state-of-the-art CNC routers and altering the dimensions of the text for the material. Once the design and set-up stages were complete, we used our CNC routers to engrave the wood with the text scripture.

The result was executed to the highest of standards in a matter of minutes. If the customer tried to replicate this process by hand, it would take them hours or even days and there’s a high probability that it wouldn’t look anywhere near as professional.


I’m over the moon with my Lord of the Rings engraved shelving. From start to finish, Midlands CNC were completely transparent, providing a quote and a realistic timescale upfront, as well as ongoing updates. The quality of their CNC design services was pure magic, providing results Gandalf himself would be proud of.

Lord Of The Rings Engraved Shelves

Like what you see? The good news is that these Lord of the Rings engraved shelves weren’t forged in the depths of Mount Doom. Simply get in touch with our team today to get a quote for any household project requiring CNC design services and we’ll create it in our workshop.

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