Get summer-ready and discover our inspirational selection of CNC outdoor furniture design ideas guaranteed to elevate your garden and patio areas.

When the weather allows it, we know there’s no better place to take it easy than being outside in the garden. More than tradition, we’re seeing an increasing prioritisation of outdoor living spaces, with more and more people looking to create comfortable and stylish environments.

So, whether having a glass of wine or reading your book, taking your outdoor experience to the next level requires the right furniture. It needs to keep us comfortable, look nice and stand the test of time.

A tall ask you might say, but today we’ve got nine sublime CNC outdoor furniture ideas guaranteed to spruce up your patio and elevate your garden to the next level.


Since its invention in the 1950s and subsequent adoption to the commercial market in the late 1960s, CNC (Computer numerical control) machining has transformed various industries across manufacturing, construction, and production.

Combined with CAD (Computer-aided design), CNC provides precision engineering and enhanced customisation capabilities for design and fabrication purposes.

Therefore, with wood also being the best material to cut and a common outside furniture choice, CNC offers an ideal solution to not only make beautiful and robust outdoor furniture, but you can also customise it to your unique preferences and specifications.

Other benefits of CNC outdoor furniture include dynamic material selection and sustainable manufacturing through reduced waste and energy efficiency. Plus, it’s also cheaper and faster to make than handmade furniture.


Time to get inspired by creativity, comfort and innovation with our CNC outdoor furniture selection.

1. CNC Gravity Parametric Chair

CNC Outdoor Furniture Parametric Chair

Gravity CNC Parametric Chair Source: makebetterfurniture on Etsy

Jump straight into the remarkable. Sit back and admire this fashionable furniture feature if anyone ever saw one. A CNC gravity parametric chair combines practical comfort with design beauty in a minimalist yet sleek style.

Due to its simple stature, this piece of CNC outdoor furniture is easy to pick up and plonk as you follow the sun from east to west. With the gravity design, this is a chair you can’t help but sit back in with rising knees above the waste and posture support.

To accentuate the parallel vertical lines, we believe the ideal material for this chair should be a hard dark wood, like Teak, Walnut, or Mahogany.

  1. CNC Garden Twinset
CNC Outdoor Furniture Garden Twinset Chairs

Garden Twinset Source: Staffordshire Outbuildings

Nothing says happy couple like a wooden twinset or “loveseat”. Two chairs arched slightly inward and adjoined with a small table, perfect to rest a nice chilled bottle and two glasses. What more could you ask for while taking in the evening sun and taking pleasure in the garden?

Plus, this garden twinset can be made so that the adjoining table can be detached to become separate chairs if necessary.

  1. CNC Balcony Table

Stepping away from the chairs for a second, we have a piece of CNC outdoor furniture that can turn a lack of space into a cosy spot up high.

Whether to make the most of the view or utilise the outdoor area of your apartment, we recommend a CNC balcony table that attaches to your balcony edge, taking no space underneath and providing a platform for serving food and drinks.

  1. CNC Outdoor Sofa

Now for some CNC outdoor furniture that does its talking with comfort. While most outside furniture is made with firm surfaces to withstand external conditions, a CNC outdoor sofa aims to provide comfort all day long.

During the design, consider your pillow types and sizes so they slot in snugly to maximise that good feeling. Oh, and don’t forget to take them off and store them somewhere dry before the rain gets to them first!

  1. CNC Outdoor Lounger

Designed to support natural body curvature, a CNC outdoor lounger might be the most ergonomic item for your patio collection. Think Chez Lounge but outside soaking up the sun.

  1. CNC Folding Chairs

Sometimes, we can find more pleasure in practicality than aesthetics. As probably the most mobile solution for CNC outdoor furniture, folding chairs play the useful role of carrying ease and simple storage.

Plus, with heightened consideration over the design of your folding chair, you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort it offers.

  1. CNC Outdoor Hidden Storage Furniture

Whether a coffee table or sofa, your CNC outdoor furniture offers an excellent hidden storage opportunity. Serving as a chair and storage unit, you can store your sofa pillows, blankets, cricket set, BBQ equipment, you name it!

A UK study showed that 78% of people feel their homes lack storage space. Therefore, when designing your outdoor CNC furniture, consider the amount of storage you may need and what items can accommodate it.

  1. CNC Tiki Bar

Like that tall, chilled cocktail glass topped with ice, treat yourself to a CNC Tiki Bar and spend those warm summer months living your best. After all, who said your favourite cocktail bar couldn’t be at home?

  1. CNC Outdoor Dining Table

There’s nothing better than when the family’s gathered around enjoying those long summer days with a lovely spread outside. From circular and social to long and formal, whatever style suits your setting and ambience, CNC can cut it into size or shape. No problem.

You can also convert your table into an all-in-one CNC woodfired BBQ tabletop, where your guests sit together and help themselves.


At Midlands CNC, we have a wealth of experience in CNC and offer specialist services that include CNC design, milling, edge banding, routing, material sourcing, fabrication, shipping and logistics.

As a family-run company, we provide a personal service to help uphold the excellent standards we’ve set ourselves throughout our journey.

So, if you have a CNC outdoor furniture idea, we can help bring it to life. Contact our friendly team today, and we’ll look forward to getting your project up and running in no time.

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