Discover our sublime selection of CNC shed design ideas to inspire your new garden structure. Combine practicality with appearances and transform your outdoor space. 

Once upon a time, sheds were only considered basic structures, built merely for storing tools, machinery and other outdoor items.

But since design and construction capabilities have advanced for the average person with CNC (computer numerical control) and CAD (computer-aided design) software, now the average shed has developed into something much more interesting than your simple sheltered storage space.

In this blog, we reveal six stunning shed ideas with five benefits bound to inspire your outdoors.


CNC cutting technology continues to revolutionise numerous industries, with shed design as no exception. Here are five advantages for choosing a CNC shed:

  1. Practical Storage

Protect your tools, machinery, and other items with a secure storage solution. Not only to ensure you keep your items in better condition, but by reducing clutter, you avoid accidents outside while improving the overall look of your yard.

  1. Improve Appearances

CNC sheds aren’t just practical, they also have the potential to be an attractive feature outdoors. Whether using CNC’s intricate ability to cut patterns or painting yourself, you can enhance your outdoors and integrate your shed seamlessly into your surroundings.

  1. Long-Lasting Durability

Beyond practicality and attractiveness, the right shed design can guarantee you have a shed for life! With precise CNC engineering, fabrication and high-quality materials, you can ensure a sound structure that withstands external elements, no matter the weather.

  1. Cost-Effective

Depending on the materials and simplicity of its design, a CNC shed will not stretch your budget too far. The average wooden shed in the UK will cost anywhere between £500 and £5,050.

  1. Eco-Friendly

With CNC shed design, you can use sustainable materials and construction methods when building your structure to help reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability.

CNC Shed Window


Benefits acknowledged, now’s the time to get inspired by our various CNC shed design ideas!

  1. Classic Wooden CNC Shed

Before we get carried away in awe of what’s possible, let’s bring things back to basics. Arguably, simplicity is always superior. As they say, “less is more” and what is more functional than your classic wooden shed?

From safely storing your garden tools and machinery to keeping your outdoor furniture dry, a classic square shed does the business conveniently and cost-effectively. Customise it to the ideal size with a range of woods available and perfect for construction.

With wood as the most common shed material and CNC cutting suiting wood more than any other material, a wooden CNC shed is a match made in heaven.

  1. Painter’s Paradise Shed

If flowing paint strokes are more your thing than mowing the lawn, you can convert a simple shed into your very own art studio outside. While keeping your canvases dry and supplies away from causing a mess in the house, you can use a CNC shed to connect with nature and be creative.

Plus, if you choose wood as your material, the first place you can begin painting is the shed itself. A multi-coloured panel approach can bring vibrancy to your garden or create a fun activity for the family on a sunny afternoon.

  1. Kids Play Shed

As all parents know, nothing causes clutter more about the place than kids and their toys. From storing their bikes and toys to encouraging them to get their eyes off screens and enjoy playing outside in the fresh air, a CNC shed provides the practicality of storage and promotes positive play habits for your children.

Then again, you can go one further and combine both aspects within the structure and style of your shed. For example, you can elevate your shed and install a slide on the side or even erect some monkey bars. Just like the imagination of your little ones, CNC offers limitless design potential and play opportunities where anything is possible.

  1. Sleek A-Frame CNC Shed

Putting the sophistication in shed style, we have a minimalist marvel with the A-frame CNC shed. Suitable as additional living quarters, a workspace, or a summerhouse to hang out and relax, A-frames offer an attractive style more synonymous with fab homes than garden sheds.

However, with the right CNC capabilities, you can build as large a structure as your space allows.

  1. Plant Nursery CNC Shed

One for the green fingers out there. A CNC shed offers a fantastic opportunity for passionate gardeners to design and build their ultimate plant nursery.

Working as a greenhouse with multi-tiered frames for shelving seedlings and cultivating flowers, vegetables and herbs, you maximise your growing and gardening potential with a perfect CNC shed design.

  1. Summerhouse Shed

Finally, when it’s time to kick back and watch the world go by, a CNC shed can become a cosy summerhouse in a nice, quiet spot at the bottom of your garden.

Deck out the place with some comfortable furniture for a relaxing read or put up a hammock as somewhere to hang, even the simplest shed structure can transform into a lovely summerhouse.


At Midlands CNC, we make your structural visions a reality with our expert CNC services. Whether you need some design advice, fabrication assistance, or material sourcing, we have the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to create the shed of your dreams.

Get in touch today for more details about how our CNC services can support your project.

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