CNC design vs DIY: which is best for your project?

Whether you need a new sign created for your business or fancy a new bespoke TV stand, is CNC design worth the hassle? Or is DIY the answer?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) design is becoming increasingly popular with businesses and homeowners these days. The idea is simple; get a professional to create a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and then digitally convert it into numbers ready for a CNC machine to expertly bring it to life on a particular material.

However, is taking this technological and revolutionary approach to creating signage, household units and other creative projects a step too far – especially for homeowners? In this piece, we share the pros and cons of CNC design and DIY to help you come to a conclusion.

The pros and cons of DIY design


One of the biggest benefits of DIY design is the cost element. If your business is on a tight budget or you’re trying to keep your household expenses to a minimum, DIY cuts out any overheads.
Doing it off your own back will require you to learn something new, which is beneficial in the long-run. Plus, it feels pretty good when you’re able to acquire new skills.

You’ll also be in total control of the project. However, this can double-up as a negative too – especially if you’re a novice in creating furniture, units, signage and other major project creation.


When it comes to accuracy, there’s no comparison between CNC design and DIY. Unless you’ve invested heavily in your own router and the latest software, you’ll find it hard to replicate the same standard of engraving and cutting you’d get with a CNC design company.

You need to weigh up the time factor too. Have you got the time to create a quality project with standard DIY equipment?

The pros and cons of CNC design


Seeking the help from an expert in CNC design not only gives you years of experience, but your project will be erected using state-of-the-art CNC routers. In other words, you’re guaranteed precision and experience to boot.

You’ll also be surprised by what you can do with the latest CAD software at your disposal. Industry experts can take your rough idea and accurately conceptualised it using a series of numbers. Every curve and every line is accounted for. You won’t get this level of accuracy and innovation with DIY.

The final benefit of choosing an expert to take care of your CNC design is the flexibility it brings. You don’t have to spend hours trying to make a project a success or worry about the materials used.

A leading CNC design expert will project manage, advising you on what materials to use and taking every step required to exceed your expectations. There’s no sacrifice on quality. You can just sit back and let them work their magic at a convenient time that works for you.


As mentioned before, one of the only cons to using CNC design for doors, walls and any other household/business item is that it can cost more to make – or at least it does on paper.

At the end of the day, you’re paying for a service and the staff required to carry out the design and cut. However, if you spend loads of time trying to do it yourself, you could argue that you’re wasting money through resources.

And that’s not even taking material cost into account. Can you get these for the same price as a professional company? Probably not.

Although, it’s worth noting that like most things in life, if you choose the wrong CNC design company just to save a few quid, you could inadvertently sacrifice the quality of your project. Is this something you’re willing to do?


The bottom line is, DIY is timely and doesn’t offer the same precision as a leading CNC design company with access to the best technology.

If you want quality, precision and value with your project, then choose a reputable company like us to carry out your CNC design project. Established as Hickman and Love Limited in 1948, we created this new company to cope with the huge demand for CNC design and cutting services.

Plus, with a long list of trusted suppliers, we’re able to source out the finest materials for a fraction of the price. So, don’t have to worry about lifting a finger or paying over the odds.

To find out more about our CNC wood cutting and machining services UK, get in touch with us today or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with what we’re working on.

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